Out with the old, in with the new.

So, to everyone who I did not sms this morning (mostly because I didn't have you number), I hope the best of last year is the worst of last year. Yes, I know - my new year's resolution is to come up with a new message to use for the next New Year's. After all I've only been using the message for quite a few years.

Finally ushered the last person out the flat. It was a good night and appeared to be enjoyed by those in attendence.

Now I'll see about making a start on un-back-uping the info for the computer. And also start adding dates of stuff to my pocket diary.

I lead such an exciting life.
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Calling in the experts

I bought the 2 disc edition Iron Man...the helmet one. Only after I called jmswallow because I thought if anyone was going to know about the IM stuff it's him. We both agreed that it was an incredibly geeky and completely understandable purchase.

In other news I have to say that after 3 years I'm still being thrown by the time change this past weekend. My body is still working on last week's time and it'll be annoying until my body in in sync with this new time zone.
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WTF? Where did the RAW come from

Was doing stuff and I tried to play a game only to have the pc tell me the game didn't exist. Checked the harddrives to find one is missing.
How am I supposed to convert a hdd with a RAW setting back to NTFS before Jackie wakes up.

Off to troll the net for advice.

I have my belts...finally

In the Fair Isles group to represent the fact that you are a fighter and you level there are a number of belty things...more like weaven string to me...that you get.

Now I have been a ratified trial fighter (the showy fighting stuff) and a ratified free fighter (competition fighting) for a while. However I haven't been to any events where court is held until this past weekend. You get presented stuff in court before everyone in attendence. All it really means is that I'm officially officially a recognised fighter. As opposed to being a unofficially officially a recognised fighter.

The weekend itself was draining in that I was trying to keep track of who was causing trouble where as it was a coronation and then there was a kidnapping and then there was talk of an invasion (Denmark, for it's bacon apparently) and a couple people roped me into stuff where I was left going "I don't want to be associated with you anymore - go stand over there or else"

According to soren_nyrond, it was a relatively quiet weekend - apparently he normally loses his voice at these events.

However I had fun, especially seeing that I got to chat to people from outside the usual group that I see on a friday - even though if it was the equivalent of a family weekend away, we would be a very, very, very, very dysfunctional family.
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